Lot Restorations

Recently there is a renewed interest from lot owners and other friends in restoring individual lots and features at Oak Hill Cemetery.

Although Oak Hill Cemetery provides for the essential maintenance of the grounds, individual family lots and their structures have always been the responsibility of the lot owners. As a cemetery ages, however, family connections become fewer, and the challenge is to find ways to fund critical restorations and repairs on these lots in a safe condition and as aesthetic enhancementsOak Hill Cemetery encourages lot owners to participate in this process by first contacting the cemetery and expressing the desire to partner in the restoration process. Oak Hill will meet with the interested parties, discuss the project and craft solutions. Solutions can range from landscaping and maintenance to cleaning and repairing stones, or under the cemetery guidelines, introduction of new features.

The Cemetery Director must authorize all landscaping, repair, and restoration work at Oak Hill Cemetery.

Sponsored Lots

Angel on the recently restored Martin Lot in Block 8. This restoration project added 16 feet to the existing retaining wall. Restoration sponsored by lot owner Martin Haskell.
The new eagle perched on the pedestal in the GAR lot. The original eagle was vandalized in 1991. The GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) dissolved shortly after the death of the last Union veteran. Restoration by Sons of the Union Veterans.

Orphaned lots

The majority of lots in Oak Hill Cemetery are orphaned, meaning that the owners or responsible parties are unknown. Fostering the repairs and restoration of an orphaned lot can be a rewarding way to support Birmingham's pioneer cemetery. All sponsors will receive recognition for their support. For information on becoming a foster, contact us.

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